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If you upset county Democrats, expect a headlock and expletives

Belleville News Democrat

Wednesday, April 12, 2017  |  Editorial  |   By The Editorial Board

Metro East (65) , Political Parties (Incld Tea Party) (39a)
Eat a little roast pig, drink a little beer, assault the Madison County chairman — now that’s a church fundraiser.

And there’s another one coming up June 10.

Apparently the Democratic hegemony in Madison County comes with the same set of entitlements that St. Clair County’s does. It’s OK to politick on county time, county jobs are lifetime appointments as long as you remain loyal and non-Democrats are lower life forms.

Kurt Prenzler dared to fire Jim Foley as part of straightening out the office of his felon predecessor, Fred Bathon. Then Prenzler unseated a Democrat to become county chairman. Then Prenzler accepted an invitation to go to the St. Mary’s Church pig and lamb roast in Madison with about 400 others.

The nerve.

Foley’s sons let Prenzler know he was unwelcome, police reports state. Mike Foley, a Glen Carbon Police lieutenant, asked Prenzler what he was doing there. Matt Foley, who faces two felony and a misdemeanor for the encounter, put a headlock on Prenzler and dragged him over to their 76-year-old father for a cussin’ out.

What was Prenzler doing to deserve the assault? Standing in the soda line.

The kicker is that Prenzler got the ticket from Andy Economy. Remember Economy? He was the Metro East Sanitary District chairman forced to resign when his auto body work for the district came to light. Prenzler was pushing the County Board to oust Economy back when the Democrats were still in charge.

Hmmmm. Like a Prenzler led to the lamb and pig slaughter.