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Illinois in debt, when logic is right in front of them

State Journal Register

Friday, July 14, 2017  |  Letter to Editor  |  Ruth Andrews

Medical Marijuana

Let me start out by saying I know many are against the idea. There are people against everything, but legalization of marijuana would help the state of Illinois get of debt.

Have our representatives even looked past the politics and looked at the revenue other states are making? There are downsides I’m sure that we don’t hear about, but again, I’ll repeat myself, the other states are making money, and Illinois needs it. Maybe then we “the people” wouldn’t have to pay higher taxes.

It’s a plant and grows out of the ground. You’ll allow alcohol, look at the damning effects from it. But be damned if you’ll let that little plant that’s natural be legal and make this state money? I have had this conversation with many people, why do we get it and they don’t?

Ruth Andrews