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State Rifle Association Fires Back At Moylan

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017  |  Article  |  Todd Wessell

Guns and Gun Control, FOID, Concealed Carry (46) Morrison, Julie--State Senate, 29 , Moylan, Martin--State House, 55

Less than a week after Des Plaines area State Rep. Marty Moylan (D-55th) filed a bill to enact stricter gun control measures in Illinois following the massacre in Las Vegas, the Illinois State Rifle Association Monday charged that Moylan “has an obsessive hatred of firearms and the people who own them.”

“Moylan’s hatred of firearm owners has blinded him to the fact that fostering divisions will not solve the state’s, or the nation’s problems.”

Moylan late last week filed a proposed bill in the Illinois General Assembly to make it unlawful to sell, or purchase an assault weapon, assault weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, or .50 caliber cartridge. The proposal also makes it unlawful for anyone to knowingly possess these items 300 days after the effective date of the law except the weapons that are registered with the state police. In addition, the bill prohibits the manufacture, purchase, possession or carrying of bump-stock devices that can allow certain weapons to become automatic. This portion of the bill would become effective immediately upon passage.

Moylan filed the bill just days after the massacre of 58 individuals who were attending a concert near the Las Vegas strip on Sunday, Sept. 24. The suspect is believed to have retrofitted some of his assault-type rifles with the bump-stocks.

In the rifle association’s statement, Executive Director Richard Pearson said “political opportunists have seized the moment to hammer the rights of lawful American citizens.” He said Moylan is one of those opportunists. He added that Moylan “has gone out of his way to antagonize a whole class of good Illinois citizens merely because they choose to own firearms.” Pearson also said that Moylan’s bill “would result in the ban and eventual forfeiture of millions of firearms lawfully owned by Illinois citizens.”

Moylan has said his proposal could be voted on in the upcoming legislative Veto Session that begins on Oct. 24. As of yesterday (Tuesday), Moylan was preparing a response to the rifle association’s charges.

In a related matter, Deerfield State Sen. Julie Morrison (D-29th) announced that she is also filing legislation to ban “trigger modification devices” such as “bump stocks.”

“Bump stocks serve no purpose but to inflict maximum carnage on a target and have no place in our communities,” Morrison said. “The federal loophole allowing bump stocks is essentially giving the green light for individuals to purchase and unfortunately use weapons that act just like a fully automatic weapon — which has been banned in this country since 1986.”

While Morrison is hopeful action is taken in Washington to regulate bump stocks, history has proven Congress seems unable to pass common-sense gun regulations to deal with increased mass shooting events.

Morrison also announced her intentions to push ahead with a proposal she filed in February to give municipalities the ability to ban assault weapons.