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Rauner’s decision on HB 40 benefits Illinois’ women

State Journal Register

Wednesday, October 11, 2017  |  Letter to Editor  |  Susan Allen

Rauner, Bruce

Thank you to Gov. Bruce Rauner for taking a courageous stand with the women of the state of Illinois by signing House Bill 40. Every day in the state, people are free to make health-care decisions that concern themselves and their families — as they should be. Before the governor signed this bill, low-income women and state employees had to consider cost and the will of the government in making a health-care decision that is uniquely personal.


Do people really believe that the government should decide whether or when a woman should have a baby? It is in the state’s best interest for women and their families to make these decisions.


The governor knew he would be attacked for making the decision to sign this bill, and yet he acted in accordance with his conscience, to benefit women across the state. You did the right thing, governor, and people around the state thank you.


Susan Allen