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Pawar leaves race for Illinois governor

Chicago Tribune

Thursday, October 12, 2017  |  Article  |  Tribune staff

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Chicago Ald. Ameya Pawar announced Thursday he’s abandoning his Democratic primary bid for governor, saying his campaign doesn’t have the money to continue.“Without more resources, the only choices for expanding the campaign to a scope that could earn the nomination were to take on more personal debt or to cut staff,” Pawar wrote in an email. “I have a young family, and we decided not to take on more personal debt right now. As to cutting staff, I simply refuse.”
campaign back in January that he thought money might be an issue.

"I'll go out and raise money and try to get around the state and go talk to as many people as I can and talk about a progressive vision," Pawar said at the time. "And let's see what happens. I can't compete with big money. I can't. I know that. But like 99.9 percent of people in this state, I'm not wealthy, I can't self-fund and I don't run in elite circles. Does that mean I shouldn't run?"

Now, Pawar says he’s starting a political action committee called One Illinois “to organize young people around progressive issues and fight the false and bigoted divides around race, class, and geography,” his statement said. The statement doesn’t endorse another candidate in the race.