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Macoupin County highway dedicated to fallen Vietnam War veteran


Monday, November 13, 2017  |  Article  |  

Veterans (95) Manar, Andy--State Senate, 48 , McCann, Sam--State Senate, 50

MACOUPIN Co., Ill. (WICS/WRSP) — A highway was dedicated Monday for a Vietnam War veteran.

Senators Andy Manar and Sam McCann sponsored Senate Joint Resolution 32, which called for the memorial.

Macoupin County native Gary Wayne Price was killed in action only a month into his tour of duty.

The road near Gillespie is seen as a way to honor both him as well as his family.

"This keeps Gary alive in our memory," said Price's sister, Judy Schwallenstecker. "We've always tried to do that... for 50 years, we've kept him alive. We always talk about him... it's just like he's with us."

Price has been posthumously awarded many awards, including the purple heart.