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Rauner spars with Ives over who can beat Democrats


Wednesday, December 6, 2017  |  Article  |  By Bill Cameron

Candidates--Statewide (12) , Governor (44) Ives, Jeanne--State House, 42
(CHICAGO) Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and his March 20th primary challenger, State Representative Jeanne Ives, are fighting about which one could actually win in November.

Rauner can’t bring himself to actually say Jeanne Ives name, but he refers to her like this, “You get some fringe elements coming in as part of the campaign. These things happen.”

Rauner says he’s the only candidate who can beat the Democrats in November. And of course he’s got tens of millions of dollars to try to do it.

But Ives says money can’t erase Benedict Rauner’s betrayal, noting “You cannot buy back trust after a betrayal.”

Ives claims she can win because of all of the angry protest voters out there on both sides.