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Rock Island unhappy with Illinois Senate bill

Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus

Tuesday, January 9, 2018  |  Article  |  Gerold Shelton

Rauner, Bruce

ROCK ISLAND — City leaders are unhappy with a proposed Illinois Senate bill that would limit their say in where telecommunication equipment is set up in the city.

Gov. Bruce Rauner will be receiving a resolution from the City Council asking that he veto Senate bill 1451, which permits wireless providers to locate telecommunication equipment on existing and new utility poles subject to minimal zoning regulations by the city. One city, Chicago, has been exempted from the rule. 

"This is a direct undermining of our authority as a home rule community," Ald. Dylan Parker said. "You know, we don't just let things, 'You can do whatever you want and you cannot have a permit for that.' That's irresponsible."

Ald. David Geenen said the city is not asking for complete control, but rather a place at the table to negotiate with the wireless companies about the equipment.    

"We are not the only municipality that is doing this," Ald. Geenen said. "Peoria has done this. Other small towns have done this as well. The louder that we come together as municipalities hopefully our governor will realize what is in the best interest of the local municipalities."

Ald. Ivory Clark thanked Ald. Parker for bringing the resolution before the council. He said that it was not right that one city was exempted "and the rest of us just put up with it."

During a study session held before to the council meeting, Public Works Director Larry Cook updated the council on the policies and procedures in place for snow removal.