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Sanctuary county for guns aims to send state lawmakers a message

Belleville News Democrat

Thursday, May 10, 2018  |  Editorial  |  By the BND Editorial Board

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Monroe County is now a safe haven for gun owners, with Sheriff Neal Rohlfing refusing to enforce infringements on residents' Second Amendment rights.

So will we see Rohlfing on the courthouse steps blocking the National Guard from confiscating all the heavy weapons from 18-year-olds? Will Rohlfing have a showdown with the ATF on South Main Street in Waterloo? Will Monroe County see a surge of new residents bringing their cannon and bazooka collections?

Well, no one expects any of that. What's really happening is Monroe County is firing back at Springfield, using the same empty pronouncements as ammo.

"These tragic things happen and a lot of politicians feel they have to throw their support behind these bills, and it’s a lot of feel-good legislation. My opinion is it’s a waste of time; I wish they’d fix things in the state," Rohlfing said.

Yup. Making it harder on law-abiding citizens does little to stop someone off the rails who decides to shoot up a high school or an outdoor concert or a congressional baseball practice. That kind of motivated sociopath will find a weapon.

You have no business trying to protect Illinoisans with paper when you are so bankrupt that you can't afford the mental health improvements or to enforce the laws you have that might actually make a difference.