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IDOT cut down on spring mowing to help Illinois pollinator population

LaSalle News Tribune

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  |  Article  |  

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SPRINGFIELD — As concerns for declining pollinator species continue to buzz throughout the country, Illinois Department of Transportation is reminding the public of a change in mowing operations designed to encourage the growth of pollinator species along state roadsides. The updated mowing routine, which began last May and was reinstituted this year, helps to re-establish plants that provide habitat for birds and that are food sources for bees and other insects native to Illinois, including the official state insect, the monarch butterfly

“By cutting down on mowing, we’ve created acres of ideal habitat for pollinators to flourish on Illinois roadsides,” said IDOT Secretary Randy Blankenhorn. “With minimal impact to the motoring public, we are honoring our commitment to act as stewards of the environment and protect the long-term health of our state’s ecosystem.”

The new mowing policy adjusted mowing frequency and timing as well as limiting the use of herbicides on state rights of way.