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Representative won't stand up to governor

Daily Herald

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  |  Letter to Editor  |  Jeffrey Crowell

Wehrli, Grant--State House, 41

State Rep. Grant Wehrli likes to blame Speaker Madigan for all the state's woes. His favorite saying is "what Madigan is best at …" Well, what Wehrli is best at is being absent from his job nearly one-fourth of the time. Maybe being absent so much, he would have time to read the state Constitution, which clearly defines that it is the governor's responsibility to present a balanced budget to the legislature -- not the opposite. Gov. Rauner was derelict in his duties for three years. He wants to campaign 24/7 and not govern.

Grant Wehrli takes the governor's checks and dutifully shills for Rauner. Thirty out of the last 42 years, Illinois has been run by Republican governors. Either they have been utterly inept or they have been a part of the problem.

Which is it? And Wehrli did find time to vote against the gun licensing reform bill that passed and is going to the governor. Apparently, it's too big a hindrance for gun dealers to document that they are acting lawfully with background checks prior to sale. Wehrli goes on the side of his NRA funders. The "do-nothing Wehrli" is not my representative.

Jeffrey Crowell