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How does J.B. Pritzker define 'middle class'?

Chicago Tribune

Thursday, September 13, 2018  |  Letter to Editor  |  David Johnson

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.B. Pritzker says that he wants to raise taxes on wealthy people like himself and Gov. Bruce Rauner, but I don't believe Illinois has enough multibillionaires and multimillionaires who can make that big of a difference.


I think the people who will really get hurt are like myself, the middle class. I am a recently retired schoolteacher, and my wife is a guidance counselor at a high school. Anyone would admit we are as middle class as a family can be. However, I cannot find on Pritzker’s website or anywhere online what he considers “middle class” to be financially.


Can Pritzker please let Illinoisans know what specifically he considers “middle class” and how his tax plan will affect people at different income levels? Asking for my vote — or anyone’s vote for that matter — without being more specific on this subject or any other subject seems to be foolish.


— David Johnson, Champaign, Ill.