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Martin Moylan wins 55th District Illinois House seat

Chicago Sun Times

Thursday, November 8, 2018  |  Article  |  Sun-Times Staff

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Martin Moylan has won the 55th District seat in the Illinois House of Representatives, defeating challenger Marilyn Smolenski, according to returns as reported by the Associated Press.


The Sun-Times endorsed Moylan for the 55th District Illinois House seat, saying he has sponsored “sponsoring sensible gun legislation, including a bill to ban military-style weapons and “bump stocks” that Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed” and “championed other issues that benefit middle-class families and working people, such as lowering property taxes and stopping local municipalities from creating “right-to-work” zones that undercut labor rights.”

Moylan, Democratic incumbent, said he wants to focus on building an economy that works for the middle class by fighting for fair wages, demanding equal pay for women, and defending workers’ rights, among other issues, such as a property tax freeze, reducing gun violence and protecting funding for municipal services.

Smolenski, Republican candidate, owns a small business that creates clothing for women who are gun enthusiasts. She has never held a position in public office. She said her top causes are lowering property taxes and changing the harassment culture in Springfield.