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Area legislator appointed to serve on Rural Economic Development Task Force


Monday, August 12, 2019  |  Article  |  Anna Gazette-Democrat

Economic Development (35) Windhorst, PatrickÔÇôState House, 118

A Southern Illinois state legislator has been appointed to serve on a task force which he helped to create.

State Rep. Patrick Windhorst, R-Metropolis, has been appointed to the Rural Economic Development Task Force.

During the spring 2019 session of the Illinois General Assembly, Windhorst was the chief legislative sponsor of HJR 37, which created the task force.

Windhorst represents the 118th District. Part of Union County is in the district.

“The 118th District is home to many rural communities that have suffered job losses and economic stagnation due to Illinois onerous regulatory environment for businesses and because of our crushing tax burden,” Windhorst said in a news release. 

“But it is not just my district that needs help. We must work as a state to bring jobs back to rural Illinoisans in every area of the state. 

“Rural Illinoisans are ready, willing and able to work good-paying jobs, and we need to connect potential employers with our rural communities.”

Windhorst thanked the Illinois Farm Bureau for its help in passing HJR 37 through the Agriculture and Conservation Committee.

“A big thank you is due to the Illinois Farm Bureau for their help on this issue,” Windhorst said. 

“The Rural Economic Development Task Force will study the conditions, needs, issues, and problems in the agriculture industry and evaluate any action or legislation that may be necessary to promote economic development in rural areas of the State of Illinois,” he said. 

Windhorst said that agriculture is still the number one industry in Illinois and is especially important to the economy of Southern Illinois. 

The legislator noted the impact of farms, agribusinesses, ag science and associated research at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

He said the task force will work “to find ways to build Southern Illinois’ economy back into a regional, national and international powerhouse.”

The task force will submit its final report to the governor and the Illinois General Assembly by no later than Dec. 31.