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Op-ed full of misinformation

Chicago Tribune

Friday, August 5, 2022  |  Letter to Editor  |  Jan Goldberg, Riverside

Republican candidate for governor Darren Bailey wrote an op-ed that was filled with misinformation. His solutions to Chicago’s troubles are simplistic and out of date.

He starts out his op-ed with an indictment of the education city kids receive at Chicago Public Schools. His solution to this problem? School choice. In other words, private schools. Most private schools in Chicago are religion-based. Giving tax dollars to kids for tuition to these schools goes against the First Amendment. He never mentions the lack of preschool that most kids in Chicago experience due to a lack of resources. When kids start kindergarten behind their peers in the suburbs, how do they ever catch up?

Then Bailey takes on crime as if Chicago is the only city experiencing this problem. Homicides and shootings are actually down in 2022 from what they were at the same time last year, according to Chicago news media. He complains about the elimination of cash bail, which does not go into effect until January. And no one is defunding the Chicago Police Department.

Finally, he bemoans the fact that Illinois is a high tax state and that many businesses are leaving the city of Chicago. Has he heard about Google buying the Thompson Center? Does he realize that low tax states have some of the worst schools in the nation?

I applaud the Tribune for publishing an op-ed from a major party candidate for governor. But readers should know this is the same man who said the horrors of the Holocaust don’t compare to those of abortion and had to be escorted out of the Illinois Senate for refusing to wear a mask, which Senate rules required at the time.

— Jan Goldberg, Riverside